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Update 20/1/21

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Well with the previous semester's work all handed in I am officially starting my final semester as an undergraduate! Here are some pieces from my previous project as an example of the way I expect my painting will be heading this term.

Because of the current lockdown in England and Wales I will have to work from home instead of my term time accommodation, which means I won't have access to my studio space. I feel pretty lucky to be a miniaturist because it shouldn't be too difficult to find space in my room to work. I think it will help keep me focused if I turn my desk into my designated work space, so I will try to get that done before my first tutorial next week.

I'm excited for this semester, despite the less than perfect circumstances. As the weather warms up the landscapes around me will get greener and greener and I can't help but get inspired by that! It will also give me more opportunities to work outside, which I intend to take advantage of and hope will add a sense of liveliness to my paintings despite their neatness and rigidity.

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