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  • Lucy Loydell

Stained "Glass" Windows

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This week I have done some research into medieval stained glass. I found that the mid 16th century had the greatest concentration of interesting landscape backgrounds so I will do further research into art of that era. I have decided to try a slightly different technique for my painting, loosely based on the methods used to create stained glass. Instead of my previous gradients I will be starting off with one flat base colour per section (sometimes using the same colour for multiple sections) and using thin washes of darker paint (diluted with a mixture of water and acrylic fluid medium) for depth and details. I'm also trying to use colours closer to those I have found in medieval art, which are mostly brighter and warmer than those I had been using previously. For my latest miniature I compressed and simplified a photo of my local area until it fit the window shape I wanted then painted the resulting composition using the above method onto a small piece of mountboard primed with gesso. Below are photos of all the work I have done since my last post. Christmas was between my last post and this one so I was rather busy!

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