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  • Lucy Loydell

Imaginary Hills

I haven't always wanted to be an artist, but I've always been a dreamer and perhaps that's the same thing. People say that I live in my own little world and I discovered that I could bring that world into my art. This world of mine isn't rigid or particular, I couldn't draw you a map of it or tell you what anything is called. However there is within my daydreams, as far back as I can remember, one reoccurring theme. A longing to see what lies over the horizon, just over the next hill. I started introducing imaginary landscapes into my work last semester, and after receiving positive feedback (and queries as to my planet of origin) I decided to continue with the idea this semester. Unfortunately I appear to have a problem. There are so many places I want to paint and ways I want to paint them that I'm struggling to decide what to focus on for this project. I keep producing work but it doesn't go together. A lot of my time has been spent on other projects lately but now I must give myself space to dream, to explore what it is about these landscapes that means so much to me and how I can show that through paint.

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