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  • Lucy Loydell


Lately I've been struggling a little with my motivation and work flow, almost certainly because of the lockdown. I am now completing the second year of my BA degree from home which has been a bit difficult. Not having a dedicated studio means that my rather small bedroom has become overrun with all my painting supplies and of course the paintings themselves. It also means that there is less distinction between the time that I am working and not working. Although I love my family and love spending time with them, home is a distracting environment for me. While I was in Aberystwyth I still got distracted but the fact that I was there specifically to study helped me to focus. On the other hand since I started university I associate my home with the holidays meaning that it feels strange to work here. I expect that being restricted in terms of the places I can go has also had some impact on my inspiration considering that I am primarily a landscape painter. Either way I need to find new ways to focus and motivate myself before doing less art becomes a habit.

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