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  • Lucy Loydell

Am I enough of an Artist?

I don't know if all creative people feel like this, but I often wonder if I'm enough of an artist. I feel like I don't love art as much as I should. I would generally rather visit a garden than an art gallery, I tend to describe things in words rather than images and I rarely reach for my paints for comfort when I'm feeling sad. Of course I enjoy art while I'm doing it, but sometimes it feels like a chore. I expect it's because I'm studying it at university so I end up associating it with grades and deadlines (which is not the point of art at all) and worrying whether an artwork is "good" instead of whether I like it.

I suppose I need to give myself space to do the art I want to do, the problem is I'm not entirely sure what kind of art that is. I know I like landscapes and fantasy but I need to figure out how I want to paint them. Most of all I need to work out how to stop thinking like a student and start thinking like an artist.

This image is part of my Diary Project, updated weekly on my Instagram (link on my contact page)

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