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  • Lucy Loydell

I was initially planning to post here every week but I’ve realised that that isn’t really realistic for me. I’m still working out my schedule, it’s strange not having one dictated by university, or education in general. At my current pace (being sure to consider my mental health) I think I should be able to post on here every two weeks alongside my daily drawings on Instagram and one finished painting a week. I have completed two new paintings in the last two weeks but they’re a secret for now! Keep checking this blog and my Instagram to find out about that (It might be a while before I can tell you though!) Overall I’m enjoying having more freedom with my work but being home does mean there are a lot of distractions! Nevertheless I think the system I’m using is working ok, although in future a more rigid structure might be required to help me stay on top of things. I suppose I just make posting on here daunting in my head, I have to remember that I’m not at university anymore, I’m not getting graded on this. At the same time I feel like I need to continue posting on here, even just as a way to collect my thoughts. Well I guess my thoughts have been collected for now, See you in two weeks!

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  • Lucy Loydell

Less than two months ago I completed my fine art degree, I felt a bit underwhelmed but I think that's understandable considering what a strange year it's been. Since I'm not writing this blog for university anymore I'm going to try to write less formally but I've got into the habit of that now so I might end up slipping between styles for a while. I've been taking a bit of a break from art recently, only drawing and painting when I felt like it so I could rest after the stress of university deadlines. I suppose I should have made this post about my degree show work but I think I'll save that one for next week. On that subject the Aberystwyth University degree show is now live at Aberunidegreeshow so head there to see work from me and lots of incredibly talented artists.

I feel like I've rested enough now so I'm ready to go back to art full time, which I will be keeping anyone who's interested updated on, here and on my instagram.

My time in formal education is over, which I suppose means it's time for the rest of my life...

and lots of art!

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  • Lucy Loydell

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Now that we're a little way into this semester I have some sketchbook work to show you! Because England is in lockdown and I can't travel far from my home, my choice of subject matter is a bit limited. To try to make a positive out of this I have decided to focus my work on the local church and its surroundings.

I have done a few studies of the church and I'm planning on basing a finished piece on the latest one. I will be experimenting with dropping my usual stained glass aesthetic in favour of something more authentic, however this doesn't mean I'm giving it up entirely as I will continue to use it in personal work. Currently the eventual aim of this project is to capture the specific essence of my local countryside.

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